Rules Regulations

1. The students admitted to the Evening Shift will not be shifted from Evening to Morning classes except those who fall within the merit of the first shift in their respective discipline.

2. Any student of Evening Shift found roaming about in college premises before the start of Evening Shift will be fined.

3. The college uniform is compulsory. However, its colour is different from that of the Morning Shift.

4. The College Identity Card of the Evening Shift is different in colour from that of the Morning Shift.

5. Non-compliance with the rules and regulations of college may result in expulsion of the student from college.


Migration to the deserving students will be allowed on the fulfillment of the following requirements:

1. Transfer of Residence of Parents.

2. The candidate's marks should fall in the merit of the college for that session.

Note: As per policy of the Govt. of the Punjab, local migration is not allowed.

College Uniform

Steel grey trousers with white shirt, tie with dark blue and yellow strips and black shoes.(For winter navy blue blazer/navy blue full sleeves sweater.)

Change of Subjects

The students will be allowed to change the subjects, as per rules of the Govt of the Punjab, Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Lahore and University of the Punjab, within 15 days of the commencement of classes. No application for the change of subjects will be entertained after the expiry of the announced schedule. For subject change the original admission merit will be observed. The students of Arts cannot apply for Science Subjects, however the students of Science Subjects may opt for Arts subjects. In the faculty of Science, the change of Faculty from Pre Medical to Pre Engineering and vice versa will be allowed subject to the availability of seats and the fulfillment of the merit requirement of the faculty. Written permission of the convener of the committee will be essential for the change of subjects in Arts:

1. If seats are available.

2. If the applicant fulfills the required merit on the prescribed proforma.

Scholarships & Stipends

The Scholarships of the Government, Board, University and Local Bodies will be available in college. Moreover, the deserving Muslim students will be able to get stipends from Provincial Zakat Fund, as per rules of the Government. Applications for these will be invited by concerned committees. For this purpose, students should remain in touch with office and convener of the committee.

Fee / Fee Concession

1. The fee of 2nd year, 4th year and 6th year must be deposited before collecting the roll number slip of 1st year, 3rd year and 5th year 29 board/university examination and fee concession at the same time.

2. The students admitted in the Evening Programs are not entitled to Fee Concession as per rules.

3. Fee Concession is allowed only to the students of 2nd year and 4th year in May at the time of submission of dues.

4. Only specific number of deserving students are granted Fee Concession subject to verification of the financial status of the Father/Guardian, Good character, Regular attendance and satisfactory academic performance.


1. The fine for skipping one period is Rs5/- and Rs10/- for full day.

2. The students who do not appear in December Test or End Term Examination shall be fined Rs100/- per paper with a maximum of Rs1000/- and shall also be ineligible for the Board / University Examination.

3. The college administration/proctorial board can fine a student which may be a minimum of Rs100/- and maximum of Rs1000/- on the violation of discipline like smoking, using mobile phone, bringing any portable audio video device, and showing misconduct.

4. All students must attend the college in proper uniform, failing which he/she may be fined Rs 25/- per day.

5. All students must carry the college ID card on the college campus. They are bound to show it on demand. A student, not possessing identity card may be fined upto Rs100/-

Rules For Leave

1. Leave is granted only in case of genuine need.

2. Leave should be applied on the prescribed page of leave book available from the college attendance clerk.

3. A maximum of six leaves can be availed in a month.

4. Leave on medical grounds must accompany a medical certificate. It is important to note that the sanctioned leave is never counted towards attendance and is treated as absence towards total attendance of the students.

Droppage / Dropping Rules

The name of students shall be dropped from the college rolls on the following grounds:

(1) Absence in a subject for 10 days during one month without leave application.

(2) Nonpayment of dues and fines.

(3) Absence in the college tests.

Re - Admission

1. The students whose name is dropped from the college roll due to any reason may be readmitted only once.

2. He/She may be allowed re-admission within ten days of the struck off notice or date mentioned in the notice.

3. The re-admission fee will be Rs 50/- along with special fine. In case he does not apply within the due date his /her right of readmission is exhausted.

Note: A struck off student will have only ONE chance for readmission.

Rules & Regulations for sending the Admission forms to Board/University

The students of Intermediate must attend 75%, BA / BSc 66% and MA/MSc 75% of total number of lectures delivered in each subject as well as the Practical Classes separately. Those who do not meet the above criteria are not eligible to appear in Board/University Examination. All the students must appear in December Test as well as End Term Examination. Those who do not appear or fail to quality the above mentioned examinations, will not be eligible for appearing in Board/University Examination.

Internal Examination / Assessment

The College has a regular internal assessment system based on monthly tests. The monthly test is held during the 1st week of each month. The result of monthly test is compiled by the 10th of each month in the office of controller of Examination. The internal assessment is made in terms of grades. The minimum requirement for the students to be eligible for appearing in BISE Examinations is E Grade. The students who secure F grade are not eligible for appearing in the annual examination of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Lahore.

1. All degree students are required to pass third year promotion test in all subjects.

2. If a student fails in one or two subjects, he/she will have to re-appear to qualify in supplementary examination; otherwise he/she will be considered dropped from the college rolls.

3. The students who fail in more than two subjects will be dropped from the college rolls.

Student's Attendance Record

The record of the attendance of students lies with the Incharge Academics and that of class test / internal examination with the controller of examination. The parents must remain in touch with them to get the first hand knowledge of the performance of their children. The college administration has computerized the record of the students.

Tutorial Group

To develop versatile personalities and train the youth to meet challenges of future, students are divided into Tutorial Groups which function under the guidance of dynamic tutors. A Tutorial Group meets once a week. Attendance in these meetings is compulsory. A fine of Rs10/- is charged for each absence.


A Library plays a vital role in improving the outlook of students. It keeps them abreast of the development in the different fields. The college library is being gradually equipped with the latest books.

Medical Facilities

Medical facilities are provided to students during college hours. A medical officer and his staff are available thrice a week.

Cycle Stand / Parking

The students must park their vehicles in the specified parking lot on campus.

Disciplinary Rules

1. All students functions are held on campus during the college hours only.  

2. Entry of cars, motorcycles and bicycles etc, is prohibited in the academic blocks. The students can park their vehicles at the parking lot.

3. Smoking is strictly prohibited in college campus.

4. No student without college card is allowed to attend the college and enter the library.

5. No student is allowed to bring arms and ammunition even licensed in the college.

6. The Principal can ban the entry of any student in the college campus on disciplinary grounds.

College Card

All students must carry / display their college ID cards on college campus. They are bound to show it on demand, failing which they can be fined. Duplicate card would be issued on payment of Rs. 50/-

Sports Board

Sports Board promotes and holds games. The president /the secretary of Sports Board is to be contacted for all matters pertaining to sports and games.

Societies Board

Co-Curricular activities in the college are patronized and promoted. The Societies Board, comprising the advisor of various societies, coordinates the activities of different societies.

Proctorial Board

College Proctorial Board, consisting of a panel of teachers, is responsible for maintaining discipline in college. It assists the college administration for the smooth running of college affairs.

College Magazine

The college magazine ASPIRATIONS is published regularly on yearly basis. It is a thought stirring magazine aiming at inspiring young minds to exploit their creative abilities.

College Gazette

A monthly college gazette is published to keep the students abreast of the various academic activities in the college.

Transport Facility

The college has two Hino buses. The buses are exclusively meant for the transportation of the students. The buses operate on specific routes to pick and drop the students. The students can contact the Incharge Transport in any matter regarding transport.

Department of Computer Science

A computer center is working in the college under the policy of Govt of the Punjab. The department conducts teaching both at Intermediate as well as Graduate level. In addition, it also runs short computer courses of different categories.

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