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Bachelor of Arts



Bachelor of Science study includes aspects of applied physics, chemistry, and chemical, mechanical, civil and materials engineering, as well as new high-tech areas such as nanotechnology.This program that prepares individuals to apply mathematical and materials science principles to the design, development and operational evaluation of materials and related processes used in manufacturing in a wide variety of settings; the synthesis of new industrial materials, including marrying and bonding composites; analysis of materials requirements and specifications; and related problems of system design dependent on materials factors. 



Compulsory Subjects



  • English


  • Pakistan Studies


  • Islamic Education



Subject Combinations



Elective Group: 1


Sr. Subject-1 Subject-2 Subject-3 Subject-4
1 Social Work History   English Literature* Punjabi
2 Economics     Health& Physical Education Persian
3 Islamiat    Philosophy Urdu  


*: Subject to Written Test



Elective Group: 2


Sr. Subject-1 Subject-2 Subject-3 Subject-4 Subject-5 Subject-6
1 Geography  Psychology  Pol. Science   Journalism  Education Arabic

Optional Subjects Group: 3


Sr. Subject-1 Subject-2 Subject-3 Subject-4 Subject-5 Subject-6
1 Persian  Urdu  Islamist  Arabic  Punjabi  Statistics




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